All of us, at one time or another in our lives, have had the opportunity to savor a delicious toast with jam, but...

There are many jams and of many types, and undoubtedly, the handmade jam stands out above the rest in flavor, but above all in the nutritional and healthy properties that they provide us.

What is considered artisanal jam?

Artisan jams are those that, for the sake of redundancy, are elaborated in an artisan way, that is to say, that during their production no colorants or preservatives are used, being a 100% natural product.

In this type of jams, unlike commercial or industrial jams, different components such as sugars or natural preservatives are used in the right measure, which provides a perfect balance of flavor and properties.

Benefits of homemade jams

Like any food, jam provides our organism with a series of nutrients, which in this case are very beneficial for our health.

Artisan jams are an extraordinary source of vitamins. It is their high fruit content, much higher than the quantities used in industrial jams, which makes it possible to achieve this property.

In addition, this type of jams are rich in fiber, which helps the correct functioning of the intestinal transit.

Artisanal and seasonal

At Perenquén Gourmet, we not only create handmade jams, but we do it with fresh seasonal products. This, together with our policy of using local products, allows us to select fruits and vegetables at their optimum ripeness.

Artisanal jam in our diet

The low or null content of added sugars in this type of jams, make this a healthy food suitable for almost anyone.

Very consolidated within our diet we can use jams in pastries, as complements in breakfasts and snacks, but also in cooked dishes to which it provides that fresh touch and flavor.

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